Send in Photos

Please email Ms. Bimeler up to 3 photos you would like us to include in the yearbook. Include a short caption explaining who is in the photo, when it was taken, and where your student was.

We especially appreciate photos of summer vacation and after school Goodson events.

  • Choose Full Size or Actual Size when attaching
  • The best photos are files directly from your camera’s card or phone’s camera roll
  • Please do not edit or resize your photos. We accept only original, unedited image files (no filters, no text, no screenshots)
  • Edited, filtered, or artistically enhanced photos cause problems when the yearbook staff needs to adjust your photo so it looks good on the printed page
  • Photos posted on the web (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and older cellphone photos are too small
  • Although these photos may look nice on your screen, they will print smaller than one inch in the yearbook because our pages are high resolution, printed at 300 dpi