Download, fill in, and print this application: Grizzly Yearbook Application for 2018-19

Recruiting for the Yearbook Staff happens every year in late January–before you turn in your form to picking your electives for next year.

Yearbook is a year-long course for seventh graders, and a semester course (in the Fall semester) for eighth graders. Students who are already on Yearbook Staff as seventh graders do not need to apply to be on staff as an eighth grader.

Qualities of Yearbook Staff Members

  • Self-Motivated
    While there are deadlines for sections of the book, Yearbook Editors and Staff are responsible for creating their own specific assignments. Students seek out photos to take, events to investigate, students to interview, and teachers to get help from.
  • Creative
    Students think up colors, fonts, photos to take and which ones to use in the book and newspaper, and the entire theme of the yearbook.
  • Responsible
    Yearbook Staff safely carry professional SLR cameras all around campus and to after-school events, and they are trusted to travel the hallways of Goodson to document what happens throughout the school year.
  • Friendly
    Yearbook Staff must go and speak with students and teachers throughout the building to find out what’s going on at Goodson. Right before a deadline, when we’re trying to edit out all the errors, being polite and being able to accept criticism helps us get through crunch time without hurt feelings.
  • Attention to Detail
    It’s fun and necessary to think up grand ideas that will wow the Grizzlies each year, but to make a book really impressive it needs to be error free. Yearbook Staff take pride in looking over every square inch of the book, making sure there is nothing out of place or misspelled.
  • Fun
    Work hard and play hard to stay motivated on such a big project. Very quickly each year, we mesh into a team who enjoys hanging out together each day in class.
  • Supportive Parents
    We need photos of games and performances after school throughout the year. Your parents are expected to help you attend, so you can get the photos we need.

Applications are available from the counselors or your sixth grade language arts teacher. The deadline is in the daily announcements while we are recruiting.

The Recruiting Process

While you are busy filling out your application, the current Yearbook Staff make a set of questions and a schedule, so we can bring in candidates to meet and interview in person. The Yearbook Staff create and use a rubric for the applications and the interviews based on traits needed to make the best yearbook. The applications are scored anonymously (with your name removed), so you are scored only on the merits of the application. The in-person interview is important because some people’s best qualities simply cannot be captured on a paper application.

The student-generated scores are combined with input from your teachers and with the score on your application from the yearbook Advisor’s rubric. The top 15 students are added each year, and the rest are put on an alternate list in case there is some reason any of the top candidates cannot enroll. Counselors and students are notified in late February or early March.