Upload Photos

Please use the form below to upload each photo you would like us to include in the yearbook. Remember to press the Send button (it’s a bit hard to see all the way at the bottom).

  • The best photos are files directly from your camera’s card or phone’s camera roll.
  • Please do not edit or resize your photos. We accept only full size (“actual size”), original, unedited image files (no filters, no text, no screenshots).
  • Edited, filtered, or artistically enhanced photos cause problems when the yearbook staff needs to adjust your photo so it looks good on the printed page.
  • Photos posted on the web (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and older cellphone photos are too small. Although these photos may look nice on your screen, they will print smaller than one inch in the yearbook because our pages are printed at 300 dpi (high resolution).

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If you have a Gmail, Google Classroom, or Google Docs account, you may use this Google Form to turn in photos if you have trouble with the one above.