Are there still yearbooks available?

Check the home page of this site for the current status of yearbook sales.

How much do Yearbooks cost? Can I get an order form?

Visit the Pricing page for details. You do not need an order form unless you are customizing your order.

What is the difference between Personalization/Customization and the 8th Grade Messages?

Personalization/Customization stamped foil on the cover of only your child’s book. This includes your child’s name and optional icons.

8th Grade messages are printed in every yearbook printed, typically in the portraits section or near the end of the book.

Why didn’t you use the photo I sent in?

The yearbook is a student-created product. Students select/shoot all photos, write all captions, and create the whole theme for the book. The advisor merely guides students and handles administrative responsibilities.

Students use many criteria in selecting photos: artistic preferences, balanced representation of students, image resolution, clarity of the image, etc. Sometimes, unfortunately, students simply overlook a great image—they’re not pros yet!